Is home birth safe?

Research continues to show that planned home birth for individuals with low-risk pregnancies is safe. Check out some of the research here. Midwifery care is preventive care--we are not waiting for a medical disaster to occur, instead we are collaborating with our clients on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and other parts of their care that contribute to preventing prenatal complications, reducing the need for medical interventions, and allowing for a safe out-of-hospital birthing experience.

What’s the deal with water birth?

The birthing pool has come to be known as the “midwife’s epidural.” Many folx choose to labor in a birth pool and choose to get out to birth their baby, while others labor and birth in the pool, and others choose not to at all. Also, some people plan to have a water birth but circumstances change and they end up birthing their baby on land (like the bed or couch.) I rent out a birth pool to clients and clients are responsible for purchasing their own brand new pool liner and hose to ensure safe hygienic practices.

Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance but I work with SLB Billing, a third party biller, that works with clients on verification of benefits and billing.

What are your fees?

Contact me to learn more about my fees, payment schedule options, and sliding scale fee options. I offer a discount to military families as well as to those who pay the total fee by 36 weeks.

Who will attend my birth?

I will attend your birth as the primary midwife, and have another experienced midwife attend the birth with me as a “second midwife” or birth assistant. Some people decide to hire a doula to attend their births as well. You are in charge of your birthing space and who is welcome in it. I encourage every family to think through who they want at their birth as some family members can add unwanted stress due to their own fears and anxiety about birth. Additionally, children may be present but I require a childcare plan for families with other children so that the birthing parent and partner can be focused on the birth and not have to worry about tending to other children during that time.

Do I need a doula?

I do not require a doula but I STRONGLY encourage first time parents to hire a doula, as well as anyone having a primary VBAC (a first vaginal birth after cesarean.)